“Jeremy Raison is an award-winning theatre director,

a playwright, a fine writer for radio. He takes you into

other people’s realities as if you’re there with them.

Last week he did the adaptation for The Readers of Broken

Wheel Recommend which I loved. In his own play,

he traces lost chapters of family history... Piercing

together memories, suppositions, and his now (now dead)

mother’s own words... he magically captures the

gap between discovering and understanding”

Sunday Times/Cuckoo

“the clarity of writing, the clever way Raison

interweaves his mother and grandmother’s story

with his own quest to find out what happened, plus the pure,

clean lines of the production, drew me in so that I

listened to all five episodes in one sitting”


                                                                    “fierce, sexy tragi-comedy by former Citizens director

Jeremy Raison... sassy, clever and poetic”

Scotsman/Wake Me In The Morning

“Fascinating and frightening, Raison’s production

is the highlight of the Citizens season”

What’s Onstage Scotland/A Clockwork Orange

“a Citizens masterpiece... big, bold, badly

behaved, sexy, infuriating, edgy, beautiful,

and above all exhilaratingly theatrical”

Times/Don Juan

“a Citizens classic”

Sunday Times/Don Juan

“the power of theatre at its best”

Onstage Scotland/The Sound of My Voice

“one of the most timely and significant pieces

Scotland has seen”

Scotsman/The Sound of My Voice

“a brilliant piece of theatre that’s harrowing,

intelligent and thoroughly moving”

What’s On Stage/The Sound of My Voice


“a love letter from the Citz....  frankly,

superlatives dwindle into inadequacy”


“Jeremy Raison held audiences spellbound with

James and the Giant Peach and Peter Pan”

Metro/Peter Pan and James and the Giant Peach

“Raison's irreverent approach to the play, supported by

Amelia Bullmore's spare and excellent modern version

of the text, generates a fierce and questioning

energy, not least through Maureen Beattie's

towering performance as Mrs Alving”


“distinctive and fabulously entertaining...

genuinely breathtaking”

Herald/James and the Giant Peach

“wonderfully directed,

seamlessly bringing together

complicated scenes, this was Southern

sultriness brought to the Gorbals”

Sunday Express/Baby Doll

“Scotland’s most stylish

Christmas show in years... a wealth of

brilliant ideas... an utterly enchanting

piece of theatre. Beg or steal a ticket”

Sunday Herald/The Borrowers

“Director Jeremy Raison shows great caginess in

trusting the play’s stealthy pace to deliver.

It’s a production that rings with

an authenticity that a whole

series of Life on Mars won’t bring you.”

The List/The Bevellers

“Raison’s sharp, youthful and

good-looking revival does it full justice

and is revived here with real style”

Scotsman/A Handful of Dust

“an engrossing and heart-warming

show that really does do Christmas

in  its own special way”

Mail on Sunday/Charlotte’s Web

“it’s difficult to see how Charlotte’s

Web could be better performed

than in Jeremy Raison’s production,

which is funny, handsome, engaging

and touching, superbly cast, given

a light but energetic local twist

and magnificently designed”

Scotsman/Charlotte’s Web

“gripping, passionate and

stunning, this is theatre at its finest”

LBC Radio Merseyside/Macbeth

“this is a stunning production... one of

the clearest, fastest and best looking

productions of the play I have ever seen”

North Wales Weekly/Macbeth 

“a brilliant show, brilliantly directed... attracted

the largest ovation I have seen in years”  

Liverpool Post/Three Steps to Heaven

“Jeremy Raison turned the theatre into a quality

showcase which put Chester on the map...

he turned the theatre into a powerhouse”

Stage Award

“Jeremy Raison’s production

is the essence of pure theatre, one of the

most brilliant, mind bending shows

seen at the Lyric in years”

Guardian/Oliver Twist


“ razor-sharp production… superb performances”

 Independent/Women Laughing

“this red hot tale is sizzling. He

will clearly be a hard act to follow”

Evening News/Cat On a Hot Tin Roof

“Jeremy Raison is one

of the bright talents of British theatre” 

Guardian/The Rain Gathering

“quite amazing... a ground breaking production”

Chester Chronicle/Betrayal

“Theatre at its best... this version

more than lives up to the legend... Perfect!”

Liverpool Echo/Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

“A triumph for director Jeremy Raison”

Standard/Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

“Audiences bayed for more... this unmissable production earned

a rightly deserved standing ovation last night”

Manchester Evening News/Three Steps to Heaven

“I have been waiting for a production like

Heart and Soul for many years... it  is a non stop tour

de force of music, but is also a good play, written

and directed by Jeremy Raison... the audience

were on their feet for a standing ovation”

BBC Radio Merseyside/Heart and Soul

“immaculate, a production so polished you can see

your face in it... Wilde would have loved it”

York Chronicle/The Importance of Being Earnest

“a brilliant, bitter piece... boasts intellectual savagery

and Joycean innovation... this one’s special”

Jerusalem Times/Savage Britannia


Audience responses on

Citizens Theatre website to A Clockwork Orange

“Of all the  plays I have seen

this was definitely the best one... ever!”

Chimene Samson 21 Nov

“First visit to the Citizens and I

was blown away by the production... a must see”

Michelle  21 Nov

“I can’t stress how much I loved A Clockwork

Orange... The best play I have ever seen”

Lisa 5 Nov

“Simply superb. I was hooked from the beginning and

enjoyed this production from start to finish”

Richard 2 Nov

“Amazing. My first visit to

the Citizens theatre and I was

astounded... outstanding innovation”

Rebecca-Jane 30 Oct

“I was literally blown

away by the performance on Tuesday,

being a fan of the film and book I wasn’t

really sure what to expect but the play

could not have been better.  A very very

powerful show, SEE IT AT ALL COSTS”

Charlotte Mitchell 28 Oct

“a brilliant theatrical rendition of one of the most

visceral and terrifying novels of  the

twentieth century, it’s great - go and see it”

Joe 20 Oct

“Excellent production, really can’t recommend

this highly enough... a fantastic evening”

Colin Dalglish 15 Oct